APPETIZER sashimi filet of tuna shake-tofu salmon and tofu with fresh ginger kaki furai panko-breaded oysters with katsu sauce karaage boneless marinated chicken gyoza pot stickers with spicy dipping sauce edamame salted soy beans kushisashi beef, chicken, and vegetable kabob yakitori chicken and vegetable kabob hiyayako cold tofu age-tofu fried tofu served in ginger sauce ika tempura lightly battered squid hottate gai tataki seared scallops with citrus soy sauce poke tuna bits marinated in a sesame oil soy sauce dressing * from $4 to $13 * SALAD koyo sunomono shrimp or crab, cucumber and wakame with sweetened rice vinaigrette namasu daikon and carrot with rice vinaigrette ika nuta squid and scallions with miso vinaigrette horenso gomae spinach with a soy-sesame vinaigrette maguro tataki seared tuna on a bed of mixed greens tossed with soy vinaigrette seaweed salad seaweed with spicy soy dressing * from $6 to $15 * KOYO DINNER choice of soup or salad steak teriyaki broiled choice sirloin in teriyaki sauce gyukatsu breaded choice sirloin with katsu sauce sukiyaki sliced beef or chicken and garden vegetables with koyo's sukiyaki sauce tonkatsu breaded pork cutlet with katsu sauce chicken teriyaki tender chicken breast in teriyaki sauce torikatsu breaded chicken breast with katsu sauce vegetable tempura deep fried garden fresh vegetables * from $11.50 to $23 * SEAFOOD DINNER choice of soup or salad ebi tempura deep fried shrimp and garden fresh vegetables maguro nitsuke seared tuna in a sweetened soy sauce hamachi tataki seared yellowtail served with fresh ginger, daikon and green onions shake broiled salmon filet (shioyaki or teriyaki) seafood tempura deep fried shrimp, scallops, squid, fish filet, and garden fresh vegetables maguro no sashimi filet of tuna served with wasabi saba shioyaki broiled salted mackerel * ask us about our "fish of the day" • quoted daily * from $17 to $23 * COMBINATION DINNER includes shrimp and vegetable tempura, soup and salad koyo steak teriyaki kiwa beef or chicken sukiyaki kumano breaded pork cutlet or chicken breast nachi chicken teriyaki shingu broiled salted mackerel susami filet of tuna sashimi mihama broiled salmon filet (shioyaki or teriyaki) * from $15 to $22 *