KOYO SUSHI smart roll shrimp tempura, crab, salmon, avocado and sprouts topped with eel sauce and sriracha mars shrimp tempura, crab, and tuna topped with a savory sauce spider roll soft shell crab with spicy sauce futomaki egg, crab, spinach, and seasonal vegetables zoey roll panko-breaded shrimp, bacon and avocado topped with eel sauce koyo roll shrimp tempura and avacado with koyo sauce baja roll panko-breaded shrimp and cucumber with spicy sauce south shore spam roll with avocado and pickled red ginger abc roll avacado, bacon, and crab california roll crab or shrimp with avocado spicy tekkamaki spicy tuna roll tekkamaki tuna roll yasaimaki avocado and cucumber roll kappamaki cucumber roll oshinkomaki japanese pickled radish roll avocadomaki avocado roll * from $4 to $16 *
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